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A long time ago, in 1853, no one knew what a dinosaur looked like. This was long before the movie Jurassic Park; in fact it was before anyone had even drawn a picture of a dinosaur. At least, no one had drawn a dinosaur before Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins. Hawkins worked with scientists who had discovered dinosaur bones. By looking at the bones, Hawkins started to draw and then make models of those drawings, giving the world a first look at what dinosaurs looked like when they roamed the earth. Barbara Kerley and Brian Selznick team up in the writing and illustrating of The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins. In the following pages, take a sneak peak at some of Selznick's detailed illustrations and get an idea of how this illustrator brought Waterhouse Hawkins and his dinosaurs back to life. Brian Selznick joined us for a live interview on October 22. Click on "Interview Brian Selznick" for a transcript of that interview.

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