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By changing the Equatorward Temperature, Poleward Temperature, and Relative Humidity you can turn sunny skies into the perfect day for a snowstorm.

Interactive Weather Maker Directions:
As you manipulate the weather, remember these two rules:

  1. The temperature towards the poles (either north or south) must always be less than the temperature towards the equator.
  2. The maximum difference in the two temperatures is 70 degrees.

Investigate How Weather Is Made:
Follow these steps to get extra insight into how weather works:

  • Using the Weather Maker, observe the effects of certain changes.
  • Gather data: how much of a change in temperature is needed to make it snow?
  • Start investigating why changing individual conditions cause a specific change in the overall weather. Review our Weather Facts (PDF) to help with your investigation.

    Interactive Weather MakerStart

The Flash Plug-in is required to view the Interactive Weather Maker. If you don't have it, click here to download it for free.