Community Club
Community Club
Teacher's Guide
Recommended Books
Lesson 1: Read to Learn
Lesson 2: Create a Picture Book
Lesson 3: Community Worker Trading Cards
Additional Resources
Teacher's Guide
Where do horses go for a check-up? Who brings electricity into our homes? Community Club answers these questions and more through easy-to-read stories featuring every day community workers. Designed for emergent readers, the stories provide colorful photographs, simply written text, and an audio feature to support students’ reading and comprehension. Upon completing a short quiz, students are rewarded with a badge signed by the community worker.
General Objectives
Students will:
  1. Read for information about the workers in the community
  2. Use visual cues and context to read new words
  3. Build sight-word vocabulary
  4. Reflect back on text to respond to a quiz
  5. Process information and develop thinking skills by completing graphic organizers
  6. Practice using the computer keyboard
  7. Interview community workers
  8. Write and illustrate picture books about community workers
  9. Create trading cards featuring community workers