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Dirtmeister's Science ReportersSimple Machines

1. Investigate the Facts
2. Observe & Record
3. Report Your Findings
4. Read Sample Reports
3. Report Your Findings
Are you done investigating and observing a simple machine? Before you write your report, you may want to review my notes from Investigate the Facts about the kind of simple machine you found. Compare your notes with my description. Are you sure what you found is a simple machine?"

Report Your Findings Your Name:  _ _
1. What object did you find? (For example: Wheelchair ramp)

Answer the following questions with complete sentences, and combine them into a paragraph.

2. What type of simple machine is it?
3. How can you tell what type of simple machine your object is?
4. How does this simple machine make a job easier?
5. What are you "trading off" to get the job done more easily with this simple machine?
















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