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1. Investigate the Facts
Simple machines are "simple" because most have only one moving part. Some are so simple, they don't have any moving parts! When you put simple machines together, you get a complex machine, like a lawn mower, a car, even an electric nose hair trimmer! Remember, a machine is any device that makes work easier. In science, "work" means making something move.

It's important to know that when you use a simple machine, you're actually doing the same amount of work — it just seems easier. A simple machine reduces the amount of effort needed to move something, but you wind up moving it a greater distance to accomplish the same amount of work. So remember, there's a trade–off of energy when using simple machines.

Now you're ready to observe and record.

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Simple Machines:
There are only six types of simple machines. Each can be used in many different ways.

The gear is sometimes considered a simple machine, but a gear is really just a wheel with teeth.

Inclined Plane
Wheel and Axle

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