Early Childhood
Early childhood is a critical time for children to build cognitive and social skills that build the foundation needed for the future. We are proud to offer new and exciting products to enhance your classroom that will create optimal learning experiences for students to explore new concepts and ideas about the world around them!

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Learning That Lasts a Lifetime
PreK On My Way

PreK On My Way and PreK On My Way en español are comprehensive, PreK programs that welcome every child into the classroom—along with their individual culture, language, interests, and abilities—building on their strengths as they take the next step on their learning adventure!

Using developmentally appropriate best practices for early childhood learning and education as informed by the Yale Child Study Center, our evidence-based approach was created in partnership with leading researchers and educators from the Children’s Learning Institute (CLI) and the Yale Child Study Center. With the guidance from leaders at the Early Math Collaborative at Erikson Institute, PreK On My Way also celebrates mathematical thinking through everyday experiences.

PreK On My Way features:

Developmentally appropriate instruction for language, literacy, math and content-area domains

Social, emotional and executive functioning skill development

Robust digital resources to enhance instruction and empower family engagement

High-quality authentic and culturally diverse books in English and Spanish


This comprehensive PreK program includes:

Large Group Instruction with:
  • Teaching Guides
  • Large Group Cards
  • Strategy Cards
  • Vocabulary Cards
  • Read Alouds
  • Big Book Read Alouds
  • Big Chart of Big Ideas

Small Group Instruction with:
  • Alphabet Cards
  • Number Cards
  • Response Prompts
  • Activity Cards
  • Alphabet Books

Independent Centers with:
  • Magnetic Letters
  • Magnetic Numerals
  • Connecting Cubes
  • Counters
  • Attribute Buttons
  • Microphone
  • Pattern Blocks
  • Geoboards
  • Jumbo Tweezers
  • Magnifiers
  • Classroom Library

Observational assessment checklists

Digital Resources with:
  • Teacher Hub
  • Family Exchange
  • Little Ereaders
  • Song Collection

Classroom Resources with:
  • Clifford Plush Puppet
  • Equity Sticks
  • Scout Pabloe and Lala Stick Puppets
  • Implementation Guide
  • Teacher Binders
  • Theme Posters
  • Module Posters
  • Mind Builders Poster
  • Pocket Chart
  • Binder Clips
  • Audio Postcards

Create a positive classroom environment with high-quality learning experiences!

Cozy Corner

A place to read, share and grow with your youngest learners!

More than just a traditional read-aloud, Cozy Corner's interactive storytime engages and empowers the whole child!

With Cozy Corner you will create a positive classroom environment with high-quality learning experiences that build children’s language, literacy and social-emotional skills to develop school readiness!

Multicultural and developmentally appropriate storytime themes and supports for English Language Learners and children from all cultural and language backgrounds.

Educators can help children expand their knowledge of feelings with carefully selected read-alouds. Teachers can use read-alouds to introduce children to new vocabulary for expressing emotions and then relate the feelings in stories to classroom themes

NAEYC, 2017

Cozy Corner is designed to help you enrich children's language, literacy and social-emotional development through:

Key questioning strategies that engage children in open-ended interactions

Focusing on 6 proven language and literacy skills

Multicultural and developmentally appropriate storytime themes and supports for English Language Learners and children from all cultural and language backgrounds

Incorporating and extending activities into teacher guided play

Instructional supports to extend learning through the school day

The NEW Cozy Corner features:

10 Storytime Plans with:
  • Summaries of the theme
  • Book selections
  • Conversation prompts
  • Extensions for follow-up activities
  • Supports for before during and after reading

Program Guide with:
  • ELL supports
  • Assessment Support
  • Community outreach strategies
  • Family letters (in both English and Spanish)
  • Research basis
  • Pacing options for flexible implementation
  • Scope and Sequence for both language and literacy development and social-emotional development

10 Big Books and 20 Read-Aloud Trade Books: featuring authentic and multicultural titles

Story Character Card Punch-Outs: for children to retell the story in their own way

10 Mini-Posters

Putumayo Kids Music CDs provides music from a variety of cultural traditions

An oversized plastic carrying bag with identifying sticker

Individual Theme Packs includes:

A Storytime Plan

Program Guide

1 Big Book & 2 Read-Aloud Trade Books

Story Character Card Punch-Outs

1 Mini-Poster

1 Putumayo Kids Music CD

An oversized plastic carrying bag with identifying sticker

Enhance the learning experiences in your classroom today!

Early Learning Libraries for Ages 0-3 and 3-5

Engage young readers and develop foundational literacy skills with the best books!

Scholastic Education understands that reading to young children has a lasting effect on language, literacy, and early reading skills. These libraries were specifically created to enhance your theme-based curriculum with complementary high-quality books.

In an effort to further enrich the learning experiences of your students, we have also created Read-Aloud Guides for educators with supports for children at each stage of development across all domains of learning!

Reading to young children, beginning even in early infancy, has a lasting effect on language, literacy, and early reading skills, and what they’re learning when you read with them has an effect four years later when they’re about to begin elementary school.

Carolyn Cates, et al. 2017

Scholastic Early Learning Libraries offer favorite read-aloud books to be shared with children from birth through age five.

The collections include:

50 titles* for ages 0-3, aligned to familiar developmental themes and a Read-Aloud Guide

100 titles* for ages 3-5, aligned to popular preschool themes and concepts and a Read-Aloud Guide

BUNDLE PACKAGE! 150 titles* for ages 0-5 and both Read-Aloud Guides

Each library comes with its own age-specific Scholastic Early Learning Read-Aloud Guide with recommendations for:

Supporting early literacy skills at every stage of children’s development

Leading with literacy across developmental domains

Engaging children with specific strategies before, during, and after reading aloud

Matching books with children’s developmental skills and interests

Extending read-aloud concepts, language, and skills in center and free time (domain-specific activities for 0-3)

Engaging families with developmentally appropriate tips

*Final title list subject to change.
The tools you need to teach your eager students how to read!

Scholastic EDGE for PreK

An edge up for early readers!

Scholastic EDGE for PreK helps build a deeper understanding of language, letters, and how books work through guided small-group explorations.

At this crucial time in children’s learning, it is important to encourage and challenge students who are eager to read, to foster a lifelong enthusiasm for reading, and to develop the skills they’ll need for kindergarten.

Many districts have made policy changes designed to promote continuity in children's educational experiences as they progress from preschool through third grade—to provide children with a seamless education that will sustain the gains made in preschool and lead to better developmental and learning outcomes overall.

Deborah Stipek, 2017

Scholastic EDGE for PreK is specifically created for:

Students who are showing an interest in reading or may already be starting to read

Helping students develop reading comprehension skills

Helping early readers build confidence and fluency with text

Scholastic EDGE for PreK includes:

Pre-A Level Readers and supports develop key skills before children advance

Lap Books for Shared Reading establish an “invitation to read” and are thematically connected to other texts

Alphabet Books and 52 Alphabet Cards teach and reinforce sound and letter recognition

2 Robot Avatar Puppets that ask questions, bringing books to life

Teacher Folder with Card Packs

173 Total Books!
  • 9 Lap Books (3 titles per level)
  • 162 Student Readers (9 titles per level - 6 copies each)
  • 2 Trade Books

Bins and Stickers



Learning to Read, then Reading to Learn

Thematically paired fiction and nonfiction titles are designed to bridge learning-to-read and reading-to-learn. Animated classic storybooks introduce early learners to the delights of reading while sparking curiosity, creating a natural springboard into the paired nonfiction text for deeper discovery.

When used together, fiction and nonfiction allow students to read and engage in authentic inquiry into subjects, themes, and ideas in both kinds of texts.

Dawan Coombs, 2013


There are many exciting NEW BookFlix features to enjoy with your students, including:

New look and feel across devices, with no Flash required

Enhanced “Search” feature to effortlessly filter and find titles

Prominent Spanish toggle to easily switch to Spanish titles

…and so much more!

Scholastic F.I.R.S.T.

Learning to Read Begins with a Single Sound

NEW Scholastic F.I.R.S.T. an Adventure on Ooka Island secures the foundational reading skills needed for students in Grades PreK–2, creating automatic, fluent readers with strong comprehension. With an instructionally robust methodology and highly adaptive technology, Ooka Island actively personalizes each student’s path toward reading proficiency.

I see the transfer of knowledge happen from my students playing Ooka Island and into our smallgroup instruction, especially in their phonological development and comprehension skills. There’s a big improvement since we started using Ooka Island.

Erin Acorn, Kindergarten Teacher

The essential component for any PreK–2 Literacy Program Ensure student proficiency in phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension during independent learning rotations.


Methodology based on program author Dr. Kay MacPhee’s concepts, ranked #1 for reading comprehension by the What Works Clearinghouse

Continuous formative assessment that plots a personalized path for each student

Actionable reporting, delivered in real-time, at the student, class, school, or district level

Anytime, anywhere, any device, 24/7 access

Prepare all students to focus on comprehension and discover the joy of reading!
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Family and Community Engagement

Family and Community Engagement programs and resources are designed to provide educators, parents, and community leaders the research-based solutions they need to help all children succeed inside and outside of the classroom!

To learn more about all our Family and Community Engagement programs and resources visit here

School Readiness Kits

Scholastic and the Valley of the Sun United Way have partnered together to facilitate powerful school-to-home connections.

Introducing School Readiness Kits - designed to help students be successful in kindergarten and throughout their education!

Bilingual Family Guide with research-based milestones and activities to strengthen literacy

My First Journal to encourage self-expression through writing and drawing

3 Bilingual Picture Books to read together

Access to Digital Songs (12 in English and 12 in Spanish), plus printable lyrics for singing along

Crayon Pack, Safety Scissors, and Tote Bag!


The Byron V. Garrett Social-Emotional Learning Collection

Engage your students in social-emotional learning.

The Byron V. Garrett Social-Emotional Learning Collection provides the tools for educators and families to help children develop the social and emotional skills they’ll need to flourish in school, with their peers, and in life.

40 Classroom Books (20 unique titles; 2 copies each)

30 Take-Home Books (1 per student)*

30 Family Letters (1 per student)*

1 Teacher Implementation Guide

1 Copy of The ABCs of Life by Byron V. Garrett

Book Bin

2 Sticker Sheets

* 25 Take-Home Books and Family Letters in each PreK and Kindergarten collection
Professional Learning

Early childhood educators need the right professional learning partner to help create the highest-quality instruction for childen. Scholastic has the complete ecosystem of professional learning, books, and curricular resources to meet a school’s or district’s needs.


To schedule Professional Learning Services, please call your local Scholastic Account Executive or our National Office at: 1-800-387-1437

Early Childhood e-Catalog

To learn more about our resources for professional development, family and community engagement as well as additional curricular resources check out our Early Childhood e-Catalog!

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