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As part of the federal stimulus laws passed by Congress, financial support is available to districts and schools through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds. These funds offer schools and districts the flexibility to address their critical areas of need as they support their students, educators, and families.

How Can I Use My Funds?

Many Scholastic Education Solutions programs support allowable uses of ESSER funding.* You can use your ESSER funds for a broad array of activities including student and parent engagement, addressing learning loss, and more. For more information see Frequently Asked Questions: Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Programs Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Programs, (U.S. Department of Education, May 2021).

Which Scholastic Education Solutions program is right for you?

Support Esser

Supports academic recovery by accelerating learning to address learning loss

Provides school leaders with resources to address the needs of their individual schools

Addresses the unique needs of low-income children, English learners, racial and ethnic minorities, and others

Includes technologies for educational interactions between students and their classroom instructors

Offers resources to plan and implement summer learning and afterschool programs

Professional Resources & Services

*You should consult with your appropriate administrator to confirm eligibility for ESSER funds based on your particular circumstances.