Comprehensive Literacy with Standards-Informed Instruction to Create Independent Thinkers, Readers, and Writers

Scholastic Literacy is a unique comprehensive literacy program that pairs incisive standards-informed instruction with the quality of books that only Scholastic can offer.

With unparalleled access to authentic and culturally relevant text throughout in every area of the literacy block, Scholastic Literacy is designed to engage readers, support social-emotional development, and help students become lifelong independent thinkers, readers, and writers.

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Standards-Informed Instruction

A Unique Approach to Standards-Informed Instruction

Scholastic Literacy equips teachers with a deep conceptual understanding of critical literacy skills, the academic language related to those skills, and the tools they need to plan and facilitate instruction. Teachers receive an instructional roadmap that guides them through our standards-based instructional approach and provides an easy-to-use gradual release model with performance-based objectives built in for both educators and students.

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Authentic, Culturally Relevant Texts

Unparalleled Quality and Quantity

Through Scholastic Literacy’s unparalleled collection of print and digital titles, students interact with authentic texts each day during whole-class, small-group, and independent learning.

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Data To Inform Personalized Instruction
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Personalized and Adaptive Digital Learning and Structured Independent Reading

Innovative digital resources provide personalized instruction and practice for:

  • Phonemic awareness and phonics
  • Vocabulary and word story
  • Independent reading with nearly 2,400 eBooks
  • Individualized reading and writing supported by real-time reporting provides teachers with data they need to inform and differentiate their instruction, form groups, and maximize program effectiveness.
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Where It All Comes Together

The Scholastic Literacy Classroom

Scholastic Literacy gives educators maximum flexibility with consistent, coherent, and easy-to-implement instructional design.

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