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Max and Ruthie measuring a bat
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“Max and Ruthie,” said Coach Sue,
“I have got a job for you to do.
I have some things for you to measure.”
We said, “Sure, it is our pleasure!”


Max's Measuring Mania

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We did not have a ruler
But that's okay — it was much cooler
To measure with some other things —
Like our feet or a piece of string.

Across the gym we did stroll.
Measuring it was our goal.
We walked the gym from end to end —
62 shoes across, my friend!

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Ruthie grabbed a baseball bat,
"Hey Max, look at that!
This baseball bat is 6 hands long."
I checked too — she wasn't wrong!

Next I took a tennis racket
And a ball, but didn't whack it.
The racket's length was just 9 balls.
That is true; it is not false.

Measuring things is not so hard.
You don't need inches or a yard.
To tell how long or how short —
Use any tool, and be a sport!

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Max's Challenge

Measure objects in your classroom — a desk, a book, the chalkboard — but DON'T use a ruler. Use your hands, feet, blocks, paper, pencils, or just about anything to measure the objects. Then share what you discover with Ruthie and me.

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