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The Tooth
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My name is Max, and I’m your host
On this Halloween night of witches and ghosts.
So put on a costume, pull up a chair
And I’ll tell you a tale that’ll give you a scare.


The Tooth

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It was a spooky night
And out on the street
Kids were ringing doorbells,
Shouting, "Trick or Treat!"

I was stuck inside,
Nothing to do.
With a 101 [hundred and one] fever,
I was sick with the flu.

Looking out the window,
If you want to know the truth
Just one kid caught my eye —
She was dressed up as The Tooth.

"Funny costume," I thought
Watching The Tooth go 'round.
Then I saw her bag of treats —
It must have weighed fifty pounds!

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As the night grew darker,
The streets began to thin.
But The Tooth kept on going,
The Tooth would not go in.

Then The Tooth walked to our door
And, oh, I shook in fear.
Good grief, I thought, is this the end?
As The Tooth came near.
At last The Tooth tore off her mask
And now I knew the truth.
"Silly goose!" she cried, "It's only me!"
It was my best friend, Ruth!

And now I saw how wrong I'd been
As the fever cleared my head.
All that candy was for me
'Cause I was sick in bed.

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Ruth started to arrange them.
She lined them up like this:
Jellybean, lollipop, jellybean, lollipop,
And then a chocolate kiss.

But that was just one pattern
There are dozens more I've seen.
I bet you can make a pattern too
From the candies on the screen.

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Max's Challenge

Go to the Activity Page and use the candies on the screen to make up a pattern that's different from Ruthie's. When you're done, share your pattern with Ruthie and me!

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