Expert 21
Reading, Writing + Thinking for the 21st Century  [Grades 6-9]
Program Overview
The New Core English Language Arts Curriculum for Today’s 21st Century Students
Expert 21 is a comprehensive English Language Arts curriculum that prepares students for the literacy demands of the 21st Century through a powerful combination of explicit instruction, inquiry-based learning, contemporary and relevant literature and informational texts, real-world writing and projects, and supportive technology.
The only new English Language Arts curriculum developed with the foundational research and working drafts of the Common Core State Standards, Expert 21 accelerates the acquisition of standards-aligned literacy skills, while integrating 21st Century competencies to ensure all students are college and career ready.
Literary and informational texts that students want to read because they're relevant, contemporary and interdisciplinary.
Inquiry-based learning that helps students build an understanding of the world in which they live, learn and work.
Explicit instruction in and application of 21st Century Skills students will use in college, career, and life.
Daily opportunities to reflect, respond, react, inform, analyze and more, both in writing and through classroom discussions.
Web-based technology to support readers and extend and assess learning.
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