Identifying opportunities for your district.

We know that educators are always looking for new ways to improve teaching and enhance classroom learning. That’s why we’ve gathered information to help you learn about key educational funding opportunities available through federal, state and private sources. The more you know, the better equipped you’ll be to find the right opportunity for your school:

Federal Funding

The U.S Department of Education (ED) distributes Entitlement and Competitive funds to states and schools, based on need. To learn more about the many federal funding programs, click here.

State Funding

State Education Agencies administer Federal funds, as well as special funding initiatives from the Governor or State Legislature. To learn more about your state’s funding opportunities, click here.

Private Funding

Let Scholastic connect you to the resources of the Foundation Center, including a searchable database of private and corporate foundations that award educational grants. To access the Foundation Center’s tools, click here.