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Books & Topics

Math Reads is the NEW math and literature program from Marilyn Burns. Designed to support the Common Core State Standards for K–5, each grade-level collection of books brings math alive and serves as a springboard for math instruction.

Each grade-level Math Reads program includes:
  • 25 children’s literature titles (5 copies of each)
  • Lessons written by Marilyn Burns and Math Solutions authors
  • eBooks of select titles for interactive whiteboards
  • Math Solutions’ Math and Literature professional development book

Math Reads Children’s Books & Topics

Titles for Math Reads include contemporary and classic fiction and nonfiction children's books that provide students with opportunities to develop understanding and skills.

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…98, 99, 100! Ready or Not, Here I Come! Counting, Place Value
Balancing Act Measurement, Weight
Bear in a Square Counting, Shapes
Bears At the Beach Counting, Equations
Can You See What I See? Counting, Problem Solving
Counting Cockatoos Counting, Place Value
Cubes, Cones, Cylinders & Spheres Counting, Shapes
Deep in the Swamp Counting, Equations
The First Day of Winter Counting, Algebraic Reasoning
Five Little Ducks Counting, Equations
Handa's Hen Counting, Problem Solving
Happy Birthday, Hamster Counting, Addition
I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean Counting, Length
Math Fables Addition, Equations
One Monkey Too Many Counting, Equations
Over, Under & Through Shapes, Problem Solving
Perfect Square Counting, Shapes
Rooster's Off to See the World Counting, Equations
Snowballs Counting, Problem Solving
Teeth, Tails, & Tentacles Counting, Place Value
Ten Little Fish Counting, Equations
Ten, Nine, Eight Counting, Counting Backwards
Ten on the Sled Counting, Equations
Ten Sly Piranhas Counting Backwards, Addition & Subtraction
Turtle Splash! Counting Backwards, Addition
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Apple Countdown Addition & Subtraction, Problem Solving
The Baseball Counting Book Graphs, Problem Solving
Bean Thirteen Odd & Even Numbers, Equations
Big and Small, Room for All Length, Problem Solving
The Biggest Fish Length, Problem Solving
Christopher Counting Counting, Place Value
The Coin Counting Book Money, Equations
Count by Tens Place Value, Equations
Five Creatures Skip Counting, Equations
Five Little Monkeys Go Shopping Addition & Subtraction, Equations
Five Little Monkeys Play Hide-and-Seek Counting, Patterns
Handa's Surprise Addition & Subtraction, Problem Solving
Hannah's Collections Addition, Estimation
Little Pea Place Value, Estimation
The Name Jar Graphs, Patterns
Over in the Ocean Addition, Graphing
Pattern Fish Angles & Lines, Patterns
Quack and Count Addition & Subtraction, Equations
Ready, Set, 100th Day! Place Value, Addition & Subtraction
A Second Is a Hiccup Time, Graphs
The Shape of Things Shapes, Patterns
Shapes That Roll Shapes, Patterns
A Squash and a Squeeze Addition & Subtraction, Shapes
Teddy Bear Counting Addition & Subtraction, Equations
Two of Everything Addition & Subtraction, Equations
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100 Ways to Celebrate 100 Days Place Value, Measurement
1001 Things to Spot in the Sea Place Value, Addition
Arithme-tickle Odd & Even Numbers, Problem Solving
Bees, Snails, & Peacock Tails Shapes, Patterns
Centipede's 100 Shoes Addition & Subtraction, Equations
Even Steven and Odd Todd Addition & Subtraction, Odd & Even Numbers
A Fair Bear Share Place Value, Addition
The Five-Dog Night Multiplication, Problem Solving
Full House Fractions, Shapes
The Great Graph Contest Addition & Subtraction, Graphs
How Big Is a Foot? Length, Problem Solving
How the Second Grade Got $8,205.50 to Visit the Statue of Liberty Place Value, Money
The King's Commissioners Place Value, Addition
Mailing May Fractions, Time
Math for All Seasons Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication
Measuring Penny Addition & Subtraction, Length
Missing Math Place Value, Addition
My Little Sister Ate One Hare Patterns, Odd & Even Numbers
One Is a Snail, Ten Is a Crab Place Value, Addition
One World, One Day Fractions, Time
Shapes, Shapes, Shapes Shapes, Lines & Angles
Six-Dinner Sid: A Highland Adventure Multiplication, Patterns
Start Saving, Henry! Money, Problem Solving
Ten Friends Addition, Patterns
Tyrannosaurus Math Length, Equations
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1001 Bugs to Spot Place Value, Multiplication
17 Kings and 42 Elephants Division, Problem Solving
The 512 Ants on Sullivan Street Place Value, Multiplication
Amanda Bean’s Amazing Dream Multiplication, Problem Solving
The Best of Times Multiplication, Equations
Cheetah Math Multiplication & Division, Graphs
Fractions = Trouble! Fractions, Problem Solving
Go, Fractions! Fractions, Problem Solving
Grandfather Tang's Story Fractions, Shapes
Great Estimations Estimation, Problem Solving
The Greedy Triangle Shapes, Lines & Angles
How Much, How Many, How Far, How Heavy, How Long, How Tall Is 1000? Place Value, Estimation
How Tall, How Short, How Far Away? Length, Estimation
I Spy Shapes in Art Shapes, Problem Solving
Lucky Beans Measurement, Estimation
Making Cents Money, Problem Solving
Math Potatoes Patterns, Problem Solving
Millions to Measure Length, Problem Solving
Minnie's Diner Multiplication, Patterns
Patterns in Peru... Patterns, Problem Solving
A Remainder of One Multiplication & Division, Problem Solving
Shape Up! Shapes, Lines & Angles
Telling Time Time, Problem Solving
Three Pigs, One Wolf, and Seven Magic Shapes Area & Perimeter, Shapes
A Very Improbable Story Probability, Problem Solving
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The Big One-Oh Multiplication & Division, Problem Solving
The Cat in Numberland Place Value, Patterns
Full Count Place Value, Equations
G Is for Googol Place Value, Patterns
The Great Divide Multiplication & Division, Problem Solving
Greater Estimations Estimation, Problem Solving
Growing Patterns Patterns, Problem Solving
Guinness World Records: Wild Lives Graphs, Problem Solving
How Big Is It? Measurement, Problem Solving
The I Hate Mathematics! Book Patterns, Problem Solving
The Lion's Share Patterns, Equations
A Million Dots Multiplication, Estimation
A Million Fish…More or Less Patterns, Problem Solving
Mystery Math Algebraic Reasoning, Equations
One Hen Equations, Problem Solving
One Riddle, One Answer Multiplication & Division, Problem Solving
Piece = Part = Portion Fractions, Problem Solving
Racing Around Multiplication, Area & Perimeter
Seeing Symmetry Symmetry, Shapes
Spaghetti and Meatballs for All! Patterns, Problem Solving
Tiger Math Graphs, Problem Solving
Usborne Illustrated Elementary Math Dictionary Patterns, Problem Solving
The Warlord's Puzzle Shapes, Lines & Angles
What's Your Angle, Pythagoras? Shapes, Lines & Angles
Working with Fractions Fractions, Problem Solving
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Anno's Mysterious Multiplying Jar Multiplication, Patterns
Blockhead Patterns, Roman Numerals
Can You Count to a Googol? Place Value, Multiplication & Division
Chasing Vermeer Shapes, Problem Solving
The Fly on the Ceiling Coordinate Graphing, Problem Solving
Frankie Pickle and the Mathematical Menace Multiplication, Fractions
The Great Number Rumble Shapes, Patterns
Guinness World Records: Ultimate Machines Length, Time
Hottest, Coldest, Highest, Deepest Multiplication & Division, Problem Solving
How Strong Is It? Multiplication & Division, Problem Solving
If Dogs Were Dinosaurs Multiplication & Division, Length
If the World Were a Village Graphs, Fractions
The Man Who Walked Between The Towers Equations, Problem Solving
Math Appeal Patterns, Equations
Math Dictionary Length, Problem Solving
Math for Smarty Pants Patterns, Problem Solving
Multiplying Menace Multiplication, Fractions
One Grain of Rice Patterns, Problem Solving
Pennies for Elephants Place Value, Multiplication & Division
Polly's Pen Pal Measurement, Problem Solving
Skyscraper Weight, Problem Solving
Super Bowl Super Touchdowns Length, Weight
Swirl by Swirl Multiplication, Patterns
Time Zones Time, Problem Solving
Wilma Unlimited Graphs, Problem Solving