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Tom Snyder Productions, founded in 1980, is a leading developer and publisher of educational software for K12 classrooms. These products are available in our
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Decisions, Decisions 5.0 The Constitution
Grades 510
If you want your students to truly understand how the American constitution works, let them experience the drama of Decisions, Decisions: The Constitution. This new title in the Decisions, Decisions series brings students face to face with the dilemmas, compromises, and struggles of writing the American constitution.
Decisions, Decisions 5.0 Immigration
Grades 510
Your students play the role of President of the United States facing a recurring dilemma in U.S. history. Students learn to apply the lessons of the history of U.S. immigration policy. Decisions, Decisions: Immigration works well in any U.S. history unit on immigration and its effect on the nation.
Decisions, Decisions 5.0 The Environment
Grades 510
Decisions, Decisions: The Environment is a wonderfully rich mix of science and social studies. Students interpret science and then apply what they learn to make public policy decisions. They experience the political trade-offs that accompany any course of action. Students learn about landfills, water pollution, recycling, the greenhouse effect, land use issues, waste disposal problems, and much more.
Decisions, Decisions 5.0 Building a Nation
Grades 510
The decline of European imperialism in the 20th century welcomed scores of new nations into the world. The end of the Cold War has spawned a new wave of nationalism. In Africa alone more than 40 nations have declared independence since 1960. Decisions, Decisions: Building a Nation puts students in control as a new nation emerges from colonial rule.
Essential Teacher Tools
Grades K12
These timesaving, easy-to-use tools produce engaging classroom materials to inspire learning and increase comprehension for your students. These handy programs make it easy to create worksheets, puzzles, tests, quizzes, and flashcards for all grade levels.
Essential Puzzles
Grades K12
This easy-to-use tool lets you create 12 different types of fun and exciting puzzles. Just enter your words and Essential Puzzles does the rest! Even includes math puzzles!
Essential Worksheets
Grades K12
With more than 20 easy-to-use, cross-curricular worksheet formats to choose from, no other worksheet program offers you as much. Enter your data once and use it over and over in more than 25 different worksheet formats - including math!
Graph Club
Grades K4
The Graph Club is an easy-to-use graphing tool which can be used for self-directed exploration, lessons and presentations, or creative class projects. Conduct a survey in your school, graph the results as a class, print your graph poster-size, and display.
Graph Master
Grades 48
With Graph Master, students learn to graph and analyze data to solve problems. After collecting and entering data, students select the variables, scale, and graph type appropriate for their data. The program includes filter, sort, and compare features.
Mapmaker's Toolkit
Grades 412
Mapmaker's Toolkit offers an easy way to select, customize, and print world, continent, country, and state maps. Start by accessing a vast library of present-day and historical maps. Then customize your map with built-in layers, drawing tools, and hundreds of map symbols.
Mapmaker's Toolkit Collection
Grades 412
Buy the Mapmaker's Toolkit Collection and save. The collection includes Mapmaker's Toolkit, World History Theme Maps, and U.S. History Theme Maps.
Neighborhood MapMachine
Grades 15
This easy-to-use tool enables students to create, navigate, and print maps of their own neighborhoods, other communities, or imaginary places using objects such as roads, trees, buildings, and parks. As students Map out their towns, they learn essential geography skills such as direction, distance and scale, grid coordinates, and symbols.
Office Workshop Book Bundle
Grades K12
Written by Janet Caughlin, an experienced teacher and popular author, the Workshop Book series is a collection of easy-to-use, how-to books and accompanying CD-ROMs for educators. In each book, Janet explains how to get the most out of Microsoft's Excel, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint .
PowerPoint Workshop for Teachers
Grades K12
Essential Worksheets includes Mix-and-match, Sentence builders, Synonyms/antonyms, Definitions, Matching, Fill-in-the-blanks, and Scrambled words. Includes a spell checker and full dictionary.
TimeLiner 5.0
Grades K12
TimeLiner 5.0 makes it easy to create, illustrate, and print time lines. Simply enter events and dates, and TimeLiner 5.0 organizes the events into chronological order. Print your time lines in any size to display student work and decorate your classroom.

TimeLiner Collection
Grades K12
Get a jump start on integrating TimeLiner 5.0 into your Social Studies, Science, or Language Arts curriculum with the TimeLiner 5.0 collection. This includes TimeLiner 5.0, more than 170 ready-made time lines, and TimeLiner Workshop for Teachers.