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Appropriate for Grades 2-3

Volcanoes Item# HRK960516
Boom! (Gutner)
Volcanoes (Wood)
The Magic School Bus Blows Its Top (Cole)
Look Inside

Life Cycles Item# HRK960517
Penguins (Reed)
The Emperor's Egg (Jenkins)
Penguins! (Gibbons)

Sound Item# HRK960518
Beat It! (Tarlow)
Sounds All Around (Pfeffer)
Hearing Sounds (Hewitt)

Plant Item# HRK960519
From Acorn to Oak Tree (Kottke)
Fall Leaves Change Colors (Zoehfeld)
A Tree Is Growing (Dorros)

Appropriate for Grades 3-4

Deserts Item# HRK960866
Desert Life (Mann)
Cactus Hotel (Guiberson)
One Day in the Desert (George)

Solar System Item# HRK960867
The Sun's Family of Planets (Fowler)
Magic School Bus: Lost in the Solar System (Cole)
A Book About Planets and Stars (Reigot)

Weather Item# HRK960869
Weather or Not (Dobeck)
Thunderstorms: A True Book (Sipiera and Sipiera)
Can It Rain Cats and Dogs? (Berger and Berger)

Dinosaurs Item# HRK960870
At Work in a Museum (Bromley)
A Dinosaur Named Sue (Robinson)
Apatosaurus (Landau)
Look Inside

Appropriate for Grades 4-5

Inventions Item# HRK960882
Inventions (Goldish)
The Kids' Invention Book (Erlbach)
Incredible Inventions (Griffiths)

Wild Weather Item# HRK960883
Weather (Fleisher)
Do Tornadoes Really Twist? (Berger and Berger)
Hurricanes: Earth's Mightiest Storms (Lauber)
Look Inside

Rocks Item# HRK960884
The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth (Cole)
Rocks and Minerals (Ricciuti)
A Look at Rocks (Kittinger)

Rain Forest Item# HRK960885
In the Rain Forest (Anastasio)
Exploring the Rain Forest (Klum and Odoo)
Life in the Rain Forest (Baker)

Appropriate for Grades 5-6

Outdoor Scientists Item# HRK960894
Destination Everest (Glenn)
Destination Antarctica (Swan)
Mountain Survivor's Guide (Storm)

Oceans Item# HRK960895
Do Whales Have Belly Buttons? (Berger and Berger)
What Makes an Ocean Wave? (Berger and Berger)
Life in the Ocean (Baker)

Solar System Item# HRK960896
Solar System (Vogt)
Seeing Earth From Space (Lauber)
The Usborne Book of Space Facts (Reid)
Look Inside

Learning From Stone Item# HRK960897
Mesa Verde (Goldish)
Limestone Caves (Gallant)
Stories in Stone (Kittinger)

Appropriate for Grades 6-7

Wildlife Conservation Item# HRK960906
Saving the Animals (Marlett)
Wildlife Rescue: The Work of Dr. Kathleen Ramsay (Dewey)
Sea Otter Rescue (Smith)

Ecology Item# HRK960907
Spare the Mare (Lawson)
Listening to Crickets (Ransom)
50 Simple Things Kids Can Do To Save the Earth (The Earthworks Group)

Mummies Item# HRK960908
Under Wraps (Goldish)
Mummies, Bones & Body Parts (Wilcox)
Mummies, Tombs and Treasure (Perl)
Look Inside

Natural Disasters Item# HRK960909
The Chicago Fire (Gutner)
Volcano Eruption and Healing of Mount St. Helens (Lauber)
Blizzard (Murphy)