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Appropriate for Grades 2-3

Famous Americans Item# HRK960476
Martin Luther King Jr. (Walker )
George Washington: Our First President (Jackson)
A Picture Book of Eleanor Roosevelt (Adler)
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Community Workers Item# HRK960477
Firefighters (Mitten)
Fire! Fire! (Gibbons)
Fire Fighters (Maass)

Underground Railroad Item# HRK960478
Harriet Tubman (Abraham)
Harriet Tubman (Mara)
Aunt Harriet's Underground Railroad in the Sky (Ringgold)

Family History, Item# HRK960515
The Blue Mittens (Mann)
A Birthday Basket for Tia (Mora)
The Hickory Chair (Fraustino)

Appropriate for Grades 3-4

Immigrant Stories Item# HRK960524
On Their Way (Goldish)
If Your Name Was Changed at Ellis Island (Levine)
Coming to America: The Story of Immigration (Maestro)
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Native American Culture Item# HRK960525
Native American Art (Motil)
American Indian Festivals (Miller)
Totem Pole (Hoyt-Goldsmith)

Our Country Item# HRK960526
Our Flag (Rothman)
The Story of the White House (Waters)
The Statue of Liberty (Quiri)

American Inventors Item# HRK960865
What a Great Idea! (Onish)
Five Notable Inventors (Hudson)
A Picture Book of Thomas Alva Edison (Adler)

Appropriate for Grades 4-5

U.S. Explorers Item# HRK960876
In Their Own Words: Lewis and Clark (Sullivan)
Lewis and Clark (Santella)
Sacajawea (Bruchac)

Famous Americans Item# HRK960878
A Picture Book of Helen Keller (Adler)
The Story of George Washington Carver (Moore)
Indian Chiefs (Freedman)

The Old West Item# HRK960879
California or Bust! (Stamper)
The Legend of Freedom Hill (Altman)
Rachel's Journal (Moss)
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The 50 States Item# HRK960880
Look What Came From the United States (Davis)
Fabulous Facts About the 50 States (Ross)
State Flags (Brandt)

Appropriate for Grades 5-6

World War II Item# HRK960890
In the Time of War (Ahearn)
Memories of Anne Frank (Gold)
A Place to Hide (Pettit)

American Revolution Item# HRK960891
The British Are Coming! (White)
American Revolution (Masoff)
Where Was Patrick Henry on the 29th of May? (Fritz)
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Escape to Freedom Item# HRK960892
Harriet Tubman (Anastasio)
Two Tickets to Freedom (Freedman)
Freedom Train (Sterling)

Immigration Item# HRK960893
Journey to Ellis Island: How My Father Came to America (Bierman)
Ellis Island (Stein)
The Journal of Otto Peltonen, a Finnish Immigrant (Durbin)

Appropriate for Grades 6-7

Ancient Civilizations Item# HRK960902
Archaeology (Fradin)
Ancient Greece (Altman and Lechner)
City: A Story of Roman Planning and Construction (Macaulay)
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Ancient World Leaders Item# HRK960903
Confucius (Freedman)
Hannibal (Green)
Cleopatra (Green)

The Titanic Item# HRK960904
Titanic (Gutner)
Exploring the Titanic (Ballard)
Voyage on the Great Titanic (White)

Civil Rights Item# HRK960905
Little Rock Nine (Clark)
Thurgood Marshall and the Supreme Court (Kent)
The Day Martin Luther King Was Shot (Haskins)