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Don't know where to start? Inspiration can be found anywhere. Try some of these poetry starters to get your brain thinking creatively.

Ideas and Techniques

Art Response
Is a picture really worth 1000 words? React to these photos and illustrations with your writing.

"I Am…" (PDF)
Discover the verse within you. Use this printable, all-about-you activity.

Where I'm From (PDF)
Brainstorm the sights, sounds, and smells of your childhood to jumpstart your verse.

List Poem
See how your surroundings can inspire you.

Persona Poem
Imagine you're from a different time or place. What’s around you?

Shared Poetry
Sometimes two heads are better than one. Pal up with a friend to see what kind of verse you can get going.

Stereotype Poem (PDF)
Gather a group together to write verse that challenges who other people think you are.

Fold It Poem (PDF)
Try this pass-the-poetry exercise to get thinking about words and imagery.

Featured Author

"I have no one set way to brainstorm — usually, I start with an image I find interesting, or a line that I really like the sound of."
—Meredith Weber
Student Author
Check out this poem by our Art & Writing Award recipient, Meredith Weber. Hear her describe how she used childhood memories for inspiration.

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