Welcome to the Myths, Folktales and Fairy Tales Internet project. We've compiled contributions from many authors to create this rich resource for learning about and writing in these genres. During the project, we will have several authors live online to discuss their work in these genres and to answer questions from young writers working on creating their own.

When we read these traditional stories from around the world, we find that the things we value most highly, fear most deeply, and hope for most ardently are valued, feared and hoped for by all people. Still, while the same yearnings are expressed, each culture has a unique response made richer by details from its society and the local ecology. Whatever the explanation, stories that have been told and cherished for countless generations are bound to be good. They fire our own imaginations. As we read, we ask ourselves, what do I think is true, or fair, or good, or beautiful? How would I tell my story?

Writing with Writers