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Okay! You've written your speech, and you've practiced reading it aloud. Now it's time to present your work. Here are some tips to remember as you present your final product:

  • Slow It Down
    Many people experience stage fright when called upon to speak publicly. The result can be racing through your speech without pausing. Try to speak slowly and clearly in a voice that is loud without shouting.

  • Keep It Lively
    While it�s important to speak slowly enough that people will hear what you have to say, it's also important to speak with enough emotion and feeling that people will want to listen. Practice speaking with conviction. Include some pauses and emphasize your key points with your voice. Refer to your marked-up script.

  • Make Eye Contact
    Look up from your paper whenever you can. Your goal is to engage your audience and make them feel as if you are addressing them personally. If you feel nervous, one trick is to look out at your audience as if you�re making eye contact, but don�t actually look at anyone directly.

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