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Skagit River: Field Site
The Earthwatch Oral History Project takes place in the Skagit River valley in northwest Washington State. The research team stays at a lodge owned by Camp Brotherhood near Mt. Vernon on the coast about one hour north of Seattle.

By day team members travel out to various parts of the valley from the coastal flood plains and farmlands to the upland forests of the Cascade mountains to interview local inhabitants — Native Americans, fishers, farmers, and loggers — about families, memories, and early experiences of fishing the Skagit River.

The Skagit River is the largest river in western Washington State. The watershed area extends from the Cascade Mountains to the marshy inlets of Puget Sound, covering 1.7 million acres, an area larger than the state of Delaware. Over 394 glaciers, 387 lakes, and 2,900 streams contribute to the outflow of water. The land is mostly forest.

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