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Writing with Scientists provides your students with step-by-step support to transform a collection of notes, observations, research, and experiments into a well-organized, thorough, and thoughtful science report. Students can use this site if they've already done research on a topic of interest or they may use it as a pre-guide to set up goals before gathering research and data.

Host Dr. Susan Perkins, a microbiologist at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, shares her experience taking lizard parasite research from idea phase to published report. Students can listen to her story and read along.

General Objectives
In this workshop your students will learn to:
• Describe their big question and hypothesis
• Clearly explain research and information
• Present and analyze their results
• Use scientific vocabulary accurately
• Communicate new questions
• Show sources in a bibliography
• Publish their science report online to be shared with a whole community of student scientists