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The summer is a pivotal time to reinforce students’ learning, advance their reading skills, and help narrow the cumulative achievement gap. Ensure that every student has high-quality resources to continue their reading and writing engagement over the summer with My Books Summer Take-Home packs.

A one-of-a-kind summer learning solution that is affordable, customizable, and proven effective!

My Books Summer PreK–12

Take-home book packs include books that reflect the diversity, interests, and reading levels of each student, as well as reading and writing activities that keep students on track for success.

Each take-home pack includes:

Think Sheets for every title
Five, six or ten engaging books featuring fiction, informational, and specialty themes
Colored pencils to inspire creativity and imagination
Summer Reading Journal to encourage reflection
Program guide for educators with implementation tips and family resources
Postcard to share summer reading experiences

Take-home packs come in a mix of affordable bundles!

Build text-rich home libraries with fiction/nonfiction bundles
Enhance language acquisition for English language learners with Spanish packs
Reinforce reading, writing, phonics, and grammar with Summer Express workbook bundles
Strengthen the home-school connection with family literacy events bundles

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Enhance Your Program with a New Digital Reading Tool!

Literacy Pro—a complete, blended-learning tool—will personalize each student’s experience based on interest, reading-level, and grade. Students will be motivated by the best titles to read throughout the summer. Plus, they will find connections to an array of My Books Summer titles and complete online “Think More” quizzes that deepen reading comprehension.
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Custom Solutions to Meet Your Program Goals

Scholastic is dedicated to partnering with you to meet the needs of all of your students. Whether your school, district, or organization is focused on specific reading levels, STEAM, or career exploration, our literacy specialists can help you customize English and Spanish take-home book packs.

Student self-select online and onsite
Custom packaging, including backpacks, bookmarks, and a personalized administrator letter
Online accountability tool for recording and tracking

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Student self-select online and onsite

Custom packaging, including backpacks, bookmarks, and a personalized administrator letter

Online accountability tool for recording and tracking

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Children take pride in things that belong to them. My Books Summer builds on that pride by placing books into the hands of children who then take pride in reading to find out what is inside their books.

–Title I Principal

Drive Results and Engage Communities

Two years of research meet new standards of evidence by exploring the impact of providing K–6 students and families with increased access to books and learning opportunities over the summer. The findings confirm an increased volume of reading by both striving and advanced readers, positive sentiments from families, and fewer students experiencing summer learning loss!
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Success Spotlights

Lexington Schools “FACE” Literacy Needs
in the Summer and Beyond

Since 2010, the Lexington County School District has partnered with Scholastic to bridge the home-to-school connection gap.
The district provides every child with the resources to own a book (or two) during the summer and every parent with the steps to create quality time through reading.

Self-selection is powerful.

Mylisa Apperson, Principal

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Equity and Access for All: Access to Books, Kindergarten Readiness, and Mitigating the Summer Slide

Virginia Beach Public Schools implemented a three-pronged approach to filling the homes of Title I students with books. Drawing from three decades of convincing research, the district sees an opportunity to boost students’ reading proficiency, increase their engagement with books, and prevent the summer reading slide.

My husband and I truly, from the bottom of our hearts, appreciate having the home library and recognize the role it plays in furthering our children’s education.

Cheylse Miller, Parent

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Moreno Valley School District Hands Out About 75,000 Books to Elementary Students

Moreno Valley School District kicks off their summer reading celebration with a bag of books for every student in the district. Books will provide students the opportunity to “read to each other, read to their family, and read to their community.”

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