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Unit-by-Unit Web Support, 2000 Edition:
Snapshots (Grade 2, Unit 1)
Here are some of the best Web sites to use while teaching this unit. All of the sites referenced in your Literacy Place 2000 Teacher Editions are also listed here, unless the site no longer exists.
 Week 1
Exploring Oceans on the Web
Lead children on an Internet Field Trip to the ocean. Children can explore the links on this site to discover types of marine life that Ducky may have encountered. (p.T31)
 Week 2
Let's Play Ball!
Send children on a fun-filled baseball Internet Field Trip. This collection of links to baseball Web sites includes math-related activities. (p. T91)
 Week 3
This popular chat service for parents and children is available in several languages with the goal of involving children in a global dialog. (p. T155)
Top of Page Peggy Rathmann's Official Home Page
Send children to Peggy Rathmann's Web site. They can find out about other books she has written and learn about her life and the awards she has won. (p. T173)
 Week 4
Kennedy Center
Author Bill Cosby is a well-known personality to children. His biography can be found in the profiles of Kennedy Center honorees (p.T235)
Top of Page Scholastic Parents
Today's parents can find many useful resources in the Parents area of (p. T233)
 Week 5
At Kodak's Web site, children can create and send an online picture postcard. Remember to describe the picture in your message. (p. T257)
  World Kids Network
Children can join The Kidz Writing Club to find writing activities and pen pals who share an interest in writing. (p. T289)
Top of Page Scholastic Parents
Refer parents to Scholastic's Web site. They will find many useful resources in the Parents area. (p. T279)
For more information, call 1-800-SCHOLASTIC