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Unit-by-Unit Web Support, 2000 Edition:
Discovery Teams (Grade 4, Unit 3)
Here are some of the best Web sites to use while teaching this unit. All of the sites referenced in your Literacy Place 2000 Teacher Editions are also listed here, unless the site no longer exists.
 Week 1
Go into orbit at NASA's Web site for kids. Children will find fun space facts and games, including a calculator that determines your weight and age on other planets. (p. T459)
  Into Orbit With Astronaut Tom Jones
Your students can meet a real astronaut and see his picture album. Challenge students to find out what Tom eats on the space shuttle. (Hint: They'll find the answer in the photo album.) (p. T471)
Top of Page StarChild
Send students to NASA's StarChild Internet site. Encourage them to use the site's search function to find the vocabulary words used in context. Students could also use the site's glossary to learn more space-related terms. (p. T497)
 Week 2
At Secrets@Sea you find educational games as well as a teacher's guide. (p. T505)
  Jason Project
Explore the Jason Project's Web site to learn more about their high-tech adventures. (p. T505)
Top of Page Whaletimes
Have students brainstorm a question that they would like to ask an ocean expert. Then send students to Whaletimes, where they can use the e-mail form to "Ask Jake, the Sea Dog" a question. (p. T525)
 Week 3
Cyber Camp
Guide students on an Internet trek to learn more about camping. At Cyber Camp you'll find tips on packing, hiking, food, safety, and first aid, as well as nature and wildlife facts. (p. T557)
  Maps, Globes, and Map Skills
Note that the boy and his father travel with a compass but without a map. Take students on Scholastic's Internet Field Trip "Maps, Globes, and Map Skills." Discuss how the trip might have been different had a map been used. (p. T569)
Top of Page Yahooligans
Guide students to Yahooligans, the children's search engine, and have them search for some of the content area vocabulary words. Show them how to browse the search results and follow the links provided.
 Week 4
Friends of the Prairie Learning Center
Take your students on a cybertour of the prairies at the Friends of the Prairie Learning Center Web site. In addition to the photos and information on nature and wildlife, you'll find a Kid Stuff area that includes word games and poetry. (p. T603)
  Writing With Writers: Diary Writing
In Virginia Hamilton's diary-writing workshop, students will find strategies, fun warm-up activities, and a place to share their own anecdotes. (p. T653)
Top of Page Infoplease
Guide students to Infoplease, an online multiple-reference resource. Have them search for some of the content area vocabulary words. Show them how to browse the search results and follow the links provided.
 Week 5
Lesson Plans and Activities: Historical Fiction
You'll find tips for teaching historical fiction in the Teachers area at In the Lesson Plans and Activities area, you'll see a Reading/Language Arts section. In that section, you'll find a category for historical fiction. (p. T672)
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