After School Reading Club

Hook readers with engaging books that promote literacy success! Scholastic’s After School Reading Club is specifically designed to motivate your students to read and discuss books that target their interests. You’ll get 10-packs of single titles for individual, group, and shared reading. Plus, additional teaching resources like extension activities and vocabulary skill-builders help to bring literacy success to after school programs.


Grades K-2:
Lion Dancer By Kate Waters

On the Chinese New Year, six-year-old Ernie will perform his first Lion Dance. Your students will enjoy this intimate look at a Chinese household as the family shares a proud moment with their son.

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Grades 3-5:
Henry's Freedom Box By Ellen Levine

In an award-winning rendition of a true and harrowing tale, a desperate slave asks a white abolitionist to pack him in a crate so he can be mailed to freedom. In his journey to adulthood, Henry loses his parents, wife and children as they are sold into the slave market, and comes to feel he has little to lose in risking his life for freedom.

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Grades 6-8:
Seedfolks By Paul Fleischman

To honor her father, a young girl plants a few lima bean seeds in a vacant lot, and soon a haphazard and diverse community garden thrives!

Teaching Resources:

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