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Navigating solutions to the nine most common classroom library gaps is easy. We know the demands of achieving Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) can be a source of ongoing pressure, and we want to help. Regardless of the kind of program you’ve implemented, Scholastic Classroom Books has materials that are sure to meet your specific needs.  We can help you meet Access to Print requirements and fulfill your AYP and program goals. Our products meet the most pressing needs in classrooms today.  Click on the tabs below to find products to fill the most common gaps found in today’s classroom libraries.
About the ELL Gap
Accelerated Reader  2 Accelerated Reader 2

These new collections provide teachers with even more engaging literature with grade-level collections, organized by Accelerated Reader® levels. No title overlap with original Accelerated Reader® Collections, just more books matched to Accelerated Reader®.

Download Title Lists with Accelerated Reader Levels:

Brain Bank Guided Reading Brain Bank Guided Reading

Grades 2-5
Brain Bank Guided Reading supports content-area curriculum with social studies and science books, and supplements Guided Reading instruction with teaching materials for each title.

Fountas & Pinnell Super Reading Block Kit Fountas & Pinnell Super Reading Block Kit

Grades K-6
Authored by Fountas & Pinnell, Guided Reading Text Types and Everyday Literacy grade-level kits each include everything you need for the best in small group and whole class instruction. Both of these great products are now packaged together, offering the best value for covering a wide range of instructional needs.

Guided Reading Guided Reading

Grades K-6
Motivate ALL of your students with an enormous range of outstanding leveled books! Every title is supported with effective teaching strategies to help all children become independent readers who love to read.

Guided Reading Content Areas Program Guided Reading Content Areas Program

Save 10% off any Text Types, Fiction, Content Areas, and en espanol Guided Reading Grade Level Set!*
Enhance students' knowledge in Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics and build reading skills! Fill your guided reading sessions with rich content while you develop essential vocabulary, build background knowledge, and develop strategic reading skills.
*Offer valid through 8/31/2014.

Guided Reading Fiction Focus, 2nd Edition Guided Reading Fiction Focus, 2nd Edition

Grades K-6
Guided Reading Fiction Focus, 2nd Edition program features the best new fiction titles, including graphic novels, all selected by Dr. Gay Su Pinnell, one of America's leading authorities on guided reading, and Dr. Irene Fountas, a nationally recognized literary expert.

Guided Reading Six-Book Sets Guided Reading Six-Book Sets

Grades K-6
Supplement your Guided Reading program with these best-selling titles that are great for small group reading instruction.

Guided Reading Text Types Program Guided Reading Text Types Program

Grades K-6
Guided Reading Text Types is where genre meets format in a variety of authentic texts, and where students can discover their favorite literature.

Investigators Investigators

SAVE 10%!*
Grades K-5
The Investigators series is a unique set of science readers and inquiry-based instruction for the 21st Century classroom that features interactive whiteboard technology for grade K-5.
*Offer valid through 8/31/2013.

Leveled Literature Collections Leveled Literature Collections

These 50-book classroom libraries include a range of Lexile® levels for each grade. Enable your students to read higher levels of text complexity at their own pace during independent reading. A rich selection of fiction and nonfiction provides a reservoir of titles that your class will dive into for reading adventures within a wide band of Lexile® levels.

Leveled Math Readers Leveled Math Readers

Grades K-2
Leveled Math Readers are designed to help children experience engaging stories and nonfiction that spark their imaginations. Students build essential vocabulary and concepts that relate to problem solving and mathematical thinking, while engaging in discussion to enhance comprehension as well as speaking and listening skills.

Lexile Leveled Content Area Libraries Lexile Leveled Content Area Libraries

Grades K-8
Expand content area knowledge and vocabulary with new leveled collections! Organized by Lexile level, each of these 20-book collections builds on the success of our popular Lexile Leveled Libraries with age-appropriate content area trade books that students at different reading levels can read successfully and enjoy.

Lexile Leveled Libraries Lexile Leveled Libraries

Grades K-8
Match readers to Lexile-leveled trade books with a selection of fiction and nonfiction titles.

Lexile Leveled Libraries II Lexile Leveled Libraries II

Grades K-8
Organized by Lexile level, each of these 20 book collections builds on the success of our popular Lexile Leveled Libraries I with new selections of contemporary, classic and award winning trade books, both fiction and nonfiction.

Lexile Leveled Packs Lexile Leveled Packs

Grades K-8
Lexile Packs include 60 books: 20 titles each from Lexile Leveled Libraries I, II, and Lexile Leveled Content Areas.

Lexile-Leveled Literature & Lexile-Leveled Libraries 1 Lexile-Leveled Literature & Lexile-Leveled Libraries 1

Grades 2-8
Match the just-right books to each student with authentic Lexile-leveled trade titles, and help all readers transition to higher levels of text complexity. Twelve collections on sale!

Momentum Libraries Momentum Libraries

Grades 1-6
Move readers forward faster with systematic leveled reading practice!

Scholastic Leveled Bookroom Scholastic Leveled Bookroom

Grades K-6
A One Time Purchase for a Lifetime of Reading! The Scholastic Leveled Bookrooms offer over 5,000 books within a variety of genres, topics, and content areas to expand the reading experiences of each student at the "just-right" level!


Grades 2-7
Scholastic TRIO is a series of themed reading collections that engage students at three levels of reading ability – Below, On, Above – all in the same content-area topic.

Triple Treat Triple Treat

Grades PreK-2
By presenting a trio of similar texts, Triple Treat allows your youngest readers and writers to become familiar with the alphabet, print features, vocabulary, and language patterns so that they can develop reading and writing confidence and fluency. Triple Treat provides the support and familiarity to allow students to experience success—and enjoyment—as they learn to read.

Leveled Reading Gap

Students struggle when they find a book is beyond their reading level, and they cannot access its content. Whether students are learning to read, reading to learn, or reading for pleasure, they need books they can read accurately, fluently, and with good comprehension. A key feature of classrooms with high reading achievement is a large supply of classroom books representing a range of instructional and independent reading levels.

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