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Do The Math Now!

Intensive Math Intervention for Grades 6 & Up

In response to the urgent requests of teachers and administrators, Marilyn Burns and Scholastic collaborated again to develop Do The Math Now!—a yearlong course for middle and high school students who need support in addition to their regular class instruction. Specifically designed to address these students' needs with the basics of numbers and operations, content is sequenced and paced to build understanding and skills. By building key concepts, students learn to reason mathematically, make connections across operations, and apply their skills to higher-level mathematics.
Core Within Core

Getting Students Common Core Ready

The Core Within the Core are the essential basics necessary for students' continued success in mathematics. Do The Math Now! reinforces the foundations that are critical for algebra and represent the largest gap in student achievement.

  • Connects students' numerical learning to the Standards for Mathematical Content by providing lessons that balance developing understanding and learning procedures.
  • Supports the Standards for Mathematical Practice by strengthening students' ability to make sense of concepts, solve problems, reason, and use appropriate tools.