A Continuum of
Engagement and

Three Scholastic Programs Provide a Strategy
for Student Achievement

Scholastic’s ELA programs for middle- and high-school students provide increasingly complex, high-quality texts on a continuum of engaging topics and age-appropriate themes. Topics range from forensics and historical figures in XBOOKS to more mature stories of personal struggles and transformation in On the Record, to the compelling stories in ID that explore identity and inspire a deeper engagement with literary traditions.

Each program was developed to meet the needs of middle and high school students and can be flexibly integrated in ELA strategies and curricula for Grades 6-12, depending on classroom needs.


Used together, XBOOKS, On the Record and ID provide a continuum of increasingly challenging, inquiry-based lessons designed to achieve Common Core objectives for college and career-readiness, including:

  • Building skills in close reading, comprehension, analysis and critical thinking

  • Evaluating, analyzing and citing evidence

  • Demonstrating independence in reading and writing

  • Building strong, wide-ranging content knowledge

  • Responding to varying demands of audience, task, purpose and discipline

  • Comprehension and critique

Programs can be used individually, but are more powerful and effective in building core skills when used successively on a continuum of engagement.

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