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Character Development

Good stories almost always feature strong, complex characters. While it is often tempting for writers to create characters who are either good or bad, the best characters are conflicted. Like most human beings, they are neither good nor bad, but both! The most memorable characters are bundles of contradictions. They are flawed individuals who have the possibility of being redeemed by their actions.

In order to develop three-dimensional characters, writers must see their subjects from every angle. To organize your thoughts about each of your characters, answer the following questions with as many specific details as you can. 

1. Name three of your characters’ worst habits. How did he/she develop them?

2. Does your character have scars? If so, how did your character get them?

3. What was the most embarrassing moment in your character’s life?

4. What does your character wish for when he/she blows out birthday candles?

5. If your character had a recurring nightmare, what would it be?

6. What is the kindest thing your character has ever done for another person?

7. Who is your character’s favorite relative? Why?

8. What is your character’s proudest achievement?

9. If a fire broke out in your character’s home, what possessions would he/she try to save? Why?

10. What is your character’s worst insecurity?

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