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In order to take your draft to the next level, it’s important to see and hear it from new perspectives. It’s time to review your story’s voice and point of view!

Ideas and Techniques

Point of View
What does your story look like to the reader? Here are some tips about POV, the lens through which the reader views the events in your story.

POV Chart (PDF)
Fill out the following chart and explore new options for your story’s POV.

Hearing Your Story’s Voice
What does your story sound like to the reader? Is it the right sound for the story you’re trying to tell? Here are some tips the wide range of voices at a writer’s disposal.

Finding Your Story’s Voice (PDF)
Fill out the following chart and explore new voices for your story.

Featured Author

“After writing the first draft, I checked my writing for major errors in spelling and grammar, leaving technique to later revisions.”
—Jocelyn Fox
Read Jocelyn's award winning story, "A Small Taste of Normalcy."

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