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Revising your story means seeing it through new eyes! Here are a few ways to workshop your story with a partner, or even by yourself.

Ideas and Techniques

Seeing Your Story Through New Eyes
Have someone you trust read your story provide you written and verbal answers to the following questions.

Short Fiction Workshop (PDF)
Give this handout to someone you trust to get an evaluation of your story.

Handling Feedback
Here are some tips on handling feedback from others.

Back to the Drawing Board
Stuck for where to go? Find the one good idea you’ve had and go back to where  you started!

Featured Author

“When I edited my later drafts, I played with sentence structure to give my main character a strong voice. I also streamlined the dialogue, cutting out narration that wasn't essential to the realistic feel of the story.”
—Jocelyn Fox
Read Jocelyn's award winning story, "A Small Taste of Normalcy."

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