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A good joke doesn’t waste words. Here are some ways to revise your humorous piece.

Ideas and Techniques

Ten Ways to Revise Humor
There are many ways to revise humor. Here’s a list of ten!

Asking the Hardest Questions
Making people laugh requires you to ask the hardest questions of your humor. Here are some of the hardest ones a comedic writer can ask.

Back to the Drawing Board
Stuck for where to go? Find the one good idea you’ve had and go back to where you started.

International Reality Consultants, LTD. (PDF | 132KB)
Ideas for revision come from all kinds of places. Sometimes reading other writers’ work puts your writing in perspective. Read Amy Vaughan’s award-winning story and mine it for good ideas. Now apply what you’ve learned to your own piece.

Featured Author

“Although I had a rough idea of how I wanted to structure my story, I realized by the end of my first draft that I wanted a series of very short vignettes, and I wanted to prominently use time to achieve the full effect of how long eight hours seems when you are completing an unpleasant task.”
—Jenna Maxwell
Read Jenna Maxwell’s award-winning piece, “Just Face It.”

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