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In order to take your draft to the next level, it’s important to see and hear it from new perspectives. It’s time to see it through new eyes!

Ideas and Techniques

Seeing your Article Through New Eyes
Have someone you trust read your piece and provide you with written and verbal answers to these questions.

Handling feedback
Here are some important tips on how to give and receive feedback from others!

Sandwich Critique (PDF)
Assemble a peer review response that’s honest and easy-to-swallow.

Submit your draft for review
Get valuable feedback from Write It’s panel of award-winning writers.

Featured Author

Aaron Kiersh“Because I did not write a ‘first draft,’ per se, there was a constant review process that began when I wrote the first paragraph of the essay to the point when I decided no more review was necessary. I continuously made changes as I read through the piece.”
—Aaron Kiersh
Read Aaron Kiersh’s award-winning piece, “Two Heroes, One Common Dream.”
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