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Here are some ways to revise your journalistic piece!

Ideas and Techniques

10 ways to revise an article
There are many ways to revise a piece of journalism. Here’s a list of ten!

Back to the drawing board
Stuck for where to go? Find the one good idea you’ve had and go back to where you started!

Be your own worst critic!
Before publishing your article, make sure your research is thorough and well-documented. Scrutinize your words from every possible angle!

So you want to be a reporter?
Read this interview with Pultizer Prize-winning reporter, Nigel Jaquiss, and learn how to document your subject’s paper trail. Follow the prompts and write an investigative story about your school!

Featured Author

Aaron “I did not look at the first draft as a whole when it came time to make edits. Instead, I considered the essay as a string of multiple pieces and analyzed one piece at a time — of course, as I read each piece several times, I determined which changes needed to be made, in terms of grammar, structure, or content.”
—Aaron Kiersh
Read Aaron Kiersh’s award-winning piece, “Two Heroes, One Common Dream.”
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