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High-Quality Support for Family Engagement

PreK On My Way engages families with ideas for at-home play, writing prompts, songs, and ebooks that encourage children to extend their learning beyond the classroom.

Online Family Engagement

Online Supports at Home

Families have access to theme-related activities, songs, the weekly Family Bulletin, and digital books that extend learning into the home.

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Conversation Starters

Bilingual Family Bulletin

Family Bulletin

  • Highlights the weekly Concept Question and book descriptions
  • Reminds families about engagement resources
  • Provides fun activities like personalizing books

Chat Bands

Chat Bands

These conversation starters travel home on children’s wrists.

Bilingual Chat Mats

Chat Mats

Printable Chat Mats for each theme support conversation and learning during snack time and mealtime.

Family Lawn