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A Purposeful and Fun PreK Curriculum

PreK On My Way’s engaging approach helps every child develop the skills they’ll need to flourish as readers, writers, and explorers of the world.


Learning happens in every area of the classroom with fun and developmentally appropriate best practices for early childhood education.

Yale Child Study Center
Children Learning Institute

High-Quality Literature

Authentic and culturally-diverse books reflect students’ experiences and open them to a world of possibilities.

High Quality Literature

Authentic Spanish Texts

PreK On My Way offers a collection of authentic Spanish narratives that present culturally and linguistically relevant stories, helping children understand the world around them.

Spanish Books

Social-Emotional Learning with Mind Builders

Research-based Mind Builders help children develop essential social, emotional, executive function, motivation, and creativity skills.

Red Dog

Digital Resources and Supports

PreK On My Way includes an array of digital platforms for teachers, children, and parents and that power responsive teaching, classroom management, and meaningful family engagement.

Digital Resource Laptop
Car Truck Bus

Classroom Resources for Success

PreK On My Way provides teachers with everything they need to engage their students in educationally rich, hands-on, and diverse activities throughout the academic year. Easy-to-use print and digital materials guide instruction through monthly, weekly, and daily learning experiences.

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Large Group
Small Group
Independent Centers
Digital Resources
Classroom Resources
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Learning through Purposeful Play

Spark Learning with Literature

Nurture children’s authentic voices with culturally relevant literature that helps them understand their world.

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  • Dinosour Book
  • The Way Book
  • Penguin Book
  • Clifford Book
  • TheMittenBook
  • Busy Tree Book
  • Rhythm Book
  • Earth Book
  • Teddy Book
  • MoonBook
  • Kids Grow Book
  • Animals Book
  • Be Who Book
  • Vincent Paints Book
  • First Laugh Book
  • Cas Book
  • The Cock Book
  • Creidio Book
  • David Book
  • Alma Book
  • First Laugh Book
  • Animal Book
  • Que Book
  • Para Book
  • Origami Book
  • Forma Book
  • Figure Book
  • Jiraf Book
  • Be Siguio Book
  • Tamales Book

Developmentally Appropriate Writing

Daily activities help children progress through the stages of writing—graphing, scribbling, drawing, letter formation, and more.

Daily Writing Options

Each day includes focused and age-appropriate writing activities.

Letter Formation

Introduce and practice alphabet knowledge and letter formation.

Writing for Different Purposes

Model writing for students across genres with age-appropriate prompts.

Assessment to Inform Instruction

Teachers can observe and assess children through:

Large-Group Circle Time
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Large-Group Story Time
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Small-Group Activities
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Independent Centers
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Positive Climate
Regard for Student Perspectives
Instructional Learning Formats
Concept Development
Quality of Feedback
Language Modeling
Large Group
Large Group

Circle Time

  • Conversation between teacher and children
  • Talk together about children’s experiences and perspectives
  • Welcome opinions
  • Actively engage children using a variety of modalities
  • Build background knowledge related to Weekly Concept
  • Teacher provides guidance and scaffolding during Background Building
  • Teacher uses scripted instruction to introduce new vocabulary to children
Large Group

Story Time

  • Shared interactions
  • Teacher calls children by name
  • Open-ended questions encourage children to share their ideas about the book
  • Guiding question helps focus children’s attention toward learning objectives
  • Open-ended questions encourage higher level thinking
  • Differentiated support for read-aloud discussion based on children’s individual responses
  • Teacher asks open-ended questions about the text
Small Group
  • Children cooperate and share
  • Teacher positively communicates with each child
  • Open-ended questions invite children’s individual perspectives
  • Every child participates in hands-on learning
  • "Connect to Large Group” reminds children of prior learning and prepares them to apply it in hands-on activity
  • As children move through the hands-on activity, teacher asks them to explain their thinking
  • During activity, teacher uses language to describe what children are doing
Independent Centers
  • Fosters peer-to-peer conversation
  • Teacher sets positive expectations
  • Children direct their own learning
  • Varied materials support multi-modal learning
  • Conversation prompts encourage children to Apply, Investigate, Evaluate, and Extend
  • Teacher provides feedback that encourages children to persist in their purposeful play
  • Teachers and children talk to each other about what they are doing
Assessment Nature

Supporting All Learners

With an approach based on research from the Children’s Learning Institute, PreK On My Way includes modifications for children with diverse learning needs, including those with special needs.

Learning Step
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Special Needs

Every small group includes modifications for children with physical and developmental needs

Multilingual Learners

Comprehension strategy supports are built into large- and small-group lessons.