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4 and 5 Year Olds

The curriculum goal of Phase 2 is to solidify and build off of the skills learned in Phase 1, giving more attention to letter knowledge, concepts of print, and phonological awareness. In addition, there are higher expectations and accountability. Because of the high correlation between oral language and reading success, there continues to be an emphasis on developing oral language skills to ensure children have a strong start in Kindergarten.
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Phase 2 includes:

Teacher Materials:
Classroom Materials:

Books and Music

Trade Books (3 per unit, 18 per phase)
Mini-Books (1 title per unit, 6 copies; 6 titles, 38 copies per phase)
Music Book (7 songs)
• 1 Audio CD (9 songs and poems)

Character Kit

• 3 Puppets
• 3 Plush Toys
• Punchouts (4 per character)
• Song and Poem Charts (7 per unit, 42 per phase)
• Nina's Word Cards (8 per unit, 48 per phase)
• Leo's Alphabet

Building Language for Literacy is organized around 12 Place Units. The 6 Place Units for Phase 2 are:



Construction Site



At the Zoo
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