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Individual Place Units
Choose units that match your current topics and themes—or those that are your children's favorite places to visit.

Each Place Unit includes:
• Program Guide
• Teacher's Place Unit Guide
• 1 Place Book
• 3 Trade Books
• 1 Board Book (Phase 1 only)
• 6 Mini-Books, 1 title, 6 copies (Phase 2 only)
• 1 Audio CD

Program Add-Ons
Character Puppets
Kaplan Manipulative Support Kits

Farm Individual Place Unit
HJR966867 $99.95

Phase 1
Phase 2

Program Add-Ons
Character Puppets
Replace your puppets that have been 'loved' for too long!
• 3 puppets (Nina, Reggie, and Leo)

Extend each of your Individual Place Units with:
• Big PlaceBook (15"x15")
• Little PlaceBook 6-Pack
• Spanish Theme Add-On
• Audio CD

Also available separately for Phase 1 or Phase 2:
• Audio CDs (6 CDs, 1 per unit)
• Reggie's Song and Poem Charts (42 charts per phase)
• Nina's Word Cards (48 cards per phase)
• Big Book Collection (1 book per unit, 6 books per phase)
• Read Aloud Collection (2 books per unit, 12 books per phase)

Building Language for Literacy Manipulative Support Kits
Kaplan Early Learning has developed new Building Language for Literacy Manipulative Support Kits. These support kits are a Kaplan exclusive product, designed specifically to reinforce the BLL curriculum by providing hands-on activities for both phase one and phase two programs. The Kaplan Manipulative Support Kit includes puzzles, costumes, educational toys, and other customized items. For ordering information, please visit Kaplan Early Learning online.

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