High-Interest Books with Independent Reading Activities That Bring Science
and Social Studies to Life!
Grades K–5
Our Best-Selling Content-Area Book Collections Are Now Available in a NEW Guided Reading Edition. The Perfect Solution for Small-Group Instruction!

Brain Bank, an independent reading program for Grades K–5, opens the vault to vocabulary, critical thinking, and content areas skills. These enticing science and social studies titles motivate students to read and ensure future success.

Brain Bank:
  • Develops the comprehension, vocabulary, and reading skills that students need to master for school achievement.
  • Brings science and social studies curriculum standards to life with high-interest books.
  • Creates lifelong readers grounded in factual text to build the foundation for success in learning and beyond.
  • Assesses student progress with activity cards that engage students.

There are four boxes per grade, two science and two social studies, packaged in an easy-to-access colorful box. Each Brain Bank box :

  • Motivates learning with nonfiction titles on “cool” topics of interest to kids
    View a Sample Book (PDF)
  • Builds fluency by including two copies of each title so students can read aloud with a partner
  • Provides nonfiction text in a variety of genres that meet science and social studies standards and reinforce the key skills for nonfiction reading success.
  • Promotes student interaction and monitors progress with several fun activity cards per title.
    View a Sample Activity Card (PDF)
Title Lists, Curriculum Themes, Guided Reading Levels, and more!

Click below for a complete list of titles, reading levels, science and social studies standards, and curriculum themes for each grade.

2007 Winner, Distinguished Achievement Award

Need Correlations to Your State Standards?  Brain Bank is correlated to the science and social studies standards of many states. To obtain a copy of the correlations, click here.

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