High-Interest Books with Independent Reading Activities That Bring Science
and Social Studies to Life!
Grades K–5
Our Best-Selling Content-Area Book Collections Are Now Available in a NEW Guided Reading Edition. The Perfect Solution for Small-Group Instruction!

Brain Bank
Guided Reading

Brain Bank Guided Reading supports content-area curriculum with social studies and science books, and supplements Guided Reading instruction with teaching materials for each title. Brain Bank Guided Reading includes a selection of titles from the popular Brain Bank independent reading program, and extends learning to small-group instruction. Books can be read in one or two meetings, allowing teachers to build background at the beginning, provide time for additional instruction, and still complete a title in about a week.

Each Grade Level Science or Social Studies Box Includes:

  • 30 books: 5 titles; 6 copies each

  • Title-specific lesson cards; 1 for each title
Two Boxes for Each Grade!
Build science literacy and vocabulary with leveled books.

Title Lists
Grade 2 (PDF)
Grade 3 (PDF)
Grade 4 (PDF)
Grade 5 (PDF)

Extend Instruction!
Brain Bank Guided Reading can be used on its own or in tandem with Scholastic’s Guided Reading Program


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