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Research and Validation

The interactive and engaging instructional design in WiggleWorks offers a research-based and proven model for promoting literacy in young readers. WiggleWorks meets the instructional needs of all beginning readers and writers and has been proven to move students toward reading independence.

Validation Study Reading First CAST
WiggleWorks is proven to raise reading scores!
Dr. Lynn Hickey Shultz, Ed.D., of Harvard University conducted a validation study to measure the effectiveness of WiggleWorks in promoting early literacy. The results of this validation study quite dramatically demonstrate the effectiveness of the WiggleWorks program in increasing reading and writing skills. First graders using WiggleWorks made significantly greater gains on standardized reading tests and writing samples than comparison students. “…the WiggleWorks program provides a powerful combination of effective trade book literature combined with state-of-the-art, equal-access, interactive technology that entices and educates beginning readers at all skill levels.” –Lynn Hickey Shultz, Ed.D Harvard University
Download the Scholastic WiggleWorks Validation Study
Growth First Graders’ ITBS® Composite Language Score
Reading First

WiggleWorks provides purposeful practice and reinforcement in the five key areas of reading instruction as defined in the Reading First legislation: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension.

With WiggleWorks:

  • Teachers have the ability to individualize phonemic awareness instruction depending on the needs of their students.
  • Students systematically and independently practice new phonics skills and apply what they have learned to both reading and writing about the selected literature.
  • Students listen to models of fluent reading, practice oral reading fluency, and monitor their own progress.
  • Teachers have the opportunity to regularly assess their students’ level of instruction and fluency.
  • Children have multiple opportunities to develop their vocabulary through reading, writing, listening, and making meaning of text.
Download the Scholastic WiggleWorks Alignment to Reading First

Scholastic WiggleWorks Aligned to Reading First
WiggleWorks is Designed For All Beginning Readers

WiggleWorks was created in consultation with the Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST). CAST specializes in designing interactive print and technology–based curricula that use the principles of Universal Design for Learning—alternative representation of information, multiple options for expression and control, and multiple options for engagement—to provide a flexible and customizable reading environment for all students.

At CAST, researchers have discovered that young readers, regardless of ability, are more engaged in and successful at learning to read if the literacy curriculum includes flexible, universally designed multimedia tools and inclusion strategies. WiggleWorks offers such a curriculum by challenging and supporting beginning readers through text, graphics, speech, sounds, and customizable access features.

View a Webinar by Dr. David Rose: Meeting the Needs of All Students Through the Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

View a Webinar by Dr. David Rose: Meeting the Needs of All Students through the Universal Design for Learning
Center for Applied Special Technology

“Based on strong research and a pioneering example of universal design, WiggleWorks is the ideal supplemental program for helping ALL children reach reading proficiency, as well as learn to love reading.”

Dr. David Rose, Executive Director, Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST)Dr. David Rose
Executive Director,
Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST)