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In this Flashlight Readers session, students build key comprehension skills including identifying the sequence of story events and recognizing the cause-and-effect relationships of these events in the development of a narrative. Students gain these skills by participating in interactive games and activities related to the Newbery Medal-winning book Holes by Louis Sachar.

General Objectives

Students will:

  • Match key story symbols/events and explore how they're repeated through multiple story strands
  • Reconstruct plot by creating a timeline of story events
  • Interact with vocabulary and symbols from the book
  • Play a reading comprehension adventure game based on plot, characters, and themes
  • Communicate with the author by participating in a moderated chat or by reading the transcript
  • View stills from the movie with references to related passages from the book
  • Learn about the author, his writing process, and how he comes up with story ideas