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The Newbery Honor book Hoot by Carl Hiaasen celebrates young people’s ability to make a difference in society. It challenges readers to think about how people are treated and how people treat the world around them. This session of Flashlight Readers builds on those themes by guiding students through research and discussions of important issues. It shows them how they can use their writing skills to take action. The interactive elements of this session and the lessons in this teacher’s guide also build strong analytical skills and support literacy by having students analyze Hoot’s characters and create new stories.

General Objectives

Students will:

  • Develop clear opinions on important issues and use research to support these opinions in persuasive letters.
  • View stills from the movie and create new storylines.
  • Use digital resources to learn about the life of Carl Hiaasen, his writing process, how he develops his story ideas, and how he connects to his readers.
  • Communicate with the author through personal letters and/or an online chat.