Welcome to Word Splash!, a national language arts standards-based program for grades 3-4 developed by Scholastic Inc. and generously sponsored by DreamWorks Animation. You'll find everything you need in these four fun, dynamic and easy-to-use lessons that help students build vocabulary, recognize parts of speech, and practice their writing skills.

Print out each lesson and corresponding student reproducible. As you teach each lesson, distribute the accompanying student reproducible. Standards and Benchmarks (PDF)

You can also review key concepts of the program with students by distributing the Make a Splash with Words (PDF) handout.

Use the Take-Home Activity, "A Whale of a Tale," as an opportunity to review nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. Practice during class with students and have them provide you with examples of each part of speech. Review the instructions and encourage silly answers. Suggest that they do the activity at home with family members.

Take-Home Activity: A Whale of a Tale (PDF)