Grades 6-8 Program Overview

As middle school students advance in their reading abilities and build upon existing
analytical skills, Comprehension Clubs 6-8 provides teachers the tools to create
student-driven accountable talk guided by meaningful questions and diverse overarching
themes. Students of all levels are given the agency to voice their opinions and share
perspectives with peers, launching them towards college and career readiness.

4 Reasons Why Every Middle School Classroom Needs Comprehension Clubs:

The full-year curriculum spirals and builds on the same theme strands across grades K-8, preparing students to decode increasingly complex texts.

Students engage in accountable talk with structured Book Clubs, while supporting and learning from their classmates.

Read Alouds offer all students access to
challenging, grade-level appropriate texts and
model textual analysis.

Students connect Book Clubs and Read Aloud
texts across each theme unit by citing evidence
and sharing thoughts with their peers.

Program Components

Comprehension Clubs for Grades 6-8 includes a collection of more than fifty
age-appropriate books and audio titles organized around six thematic strands with
standards-aligned lesson cards. Every day, you and your students read — in a whole
group Interactive Read Aloud and in small group Book Clubs — and talk, think and
write about books.

Each grade level includes:

  • Middle School Implementation Guide
    by Fountas & Pinnell
  • 30 Read Aloud Books
  • 30 Read Aloud Teaching Cards
  • 24 Book Clubs Titles
    (10 copies each, 240 books)
  • 24 Streaming Audiobooks
  • 6 Unit Folders

Implementation Guide for Grades 6-8 by
Fountas & Pinnell

A NEW Implementation Guide customized to reflect
the specific needs of Middle School educators, featuring
instructional routines for each unit of study, unit
projects, pacing, read-aloud and book club strategies,
a Glossary of Literary terms, and more!

Read Aloud Books

A wide variety of age-appropriate
informational text and fiction in
multiple text types, including short
stories, poems, articles and essays.
In Middle School, there are four
short text read-alouds and one
extended read aloud.

Read Aloud Teaching Cards

Provides teachers with book
summary, key understandings,
expanded use of grade-level
appropriate literary terms,
suggested stopping points to
invite thinking and discussions,
and much more! LOOK CLOSER >

Unit Folders

A unique unit folder for each theme,
with teaching cards and quick-read overviews.

Book Club Titles

24 titles (10 copies each) in each
grade that expand and refine the
theme or topic of discussion.
Students engage in accountable talk
and dive deeper into the text.

Book Club Lesson Cards

“Write About the Unit Focus”
feature connects unit focus
questions to both book club &
read aloud texts, along with
exercises on citing textual
evidence, notable text features,
and more.


Streaming audiobooks provide
support for English language
learners and struggling readers.

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