Self-Assessment Checklist

Just as with any skilled professional, a good teacher makes the job look easy. But, as any educator knows, the art of teaching requires constant energy, practice, and progress. One essential element of developing as a teacher is taking the time every so often to evaluate one's own practices. Use our printable checklists as a starting point for your self-assessment and self-improvement.

This checklist was adapted from Learning to Teach …not just for beginners: The Essential Guide for All Teachers by Linda Shalaway in The Teacher Store

Classroom Environment

A well-organized classroom sets the stage for teaching and learning. Evaluate the effectiveness of your space.
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Routines and Procedures

Routines are the backbone of daily classroom life. See if your system is helping you run your classroom smoothly.

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Parent-Teacher Relationship

Family involvement is necessary for successful schooling. When parents volunteer their time and attention, students achieve more and like school better. Are you doing everything you can to build strong relationships with your students' families?

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Substitute Teachers

With advance planning, you can be prepared for the unpredictable. Is your routine substitute-friendly?

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• How do you prepare students for a substitute teacher?

Reaching All Students

Teaching requires understanding the individual differences of all students in your classroom. Evaluate how well your practices accommodate the needs of everyone in your class.

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There has been a lot of emphasis on effective assessment recently. Successful assessment strategies allow you to fairly and accurately evaluate the real learning of all your students. See whether your assessment strategies follow best practices in the field.

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Teaching Kids to Care

No matter what subject(s) you teach, your job is not limited to just pure academics. A nurturing school environment facilitates student confidence and comfort, which in turn aid the learning process. In addition, teaching children to care is part and parcel of sparking social consciousness and integrity. Are you following the steps to promoting a sense of caring and responsibility?

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Teacher Collaboration

Everyone benefits when teachers share information and wisdom. Are you making the most of associations with fellow educators?

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Professional Development

Whether you are a new or veteran teacher, you should actively continue your professional development. Are you exploring all the recommended practices and resources that are important for professional growth?

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