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Julie Wood
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 Integrating Technology into the Curriculum
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Meet the Expert

Meet the Expert
Technology Expert: Julie Wood
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Additional articles by Dr. Julie Wood, available online

"A Marriage Waiting to Happen: Computers and Process Writing" Newton, MA: Education Development Center, Inc.

"The Teaching of Vocabulary by Computer Software:
A Content Analysis,"
in Language Learning & Technology, an online professional journal at

"Author, Author!" Instructor Magazine, Scholastic, New York.

"Insights: Innovative teachers hindered by the 'green-eyed monster,'" Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education Letter.

"The girls have it: Gender issues in science, math, and technology" Instructor Magazine, Scholastic, New York.

"28 Takes on 21st Century Literacy Instruction," collected papers written by my graduate students.

"Every Child Can," Instructor Magazine, Scholastic, New York.


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