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Have you reviewed the Scholastic Professional Books? Do you have an idea for a book that complements our line? If the answer is "yes" to both questions, please review our Manuscript Submission Guidelines outlined below.

We are delighted that you are interested in publishing a Scholastic Professional book. Our books provide in-depth discussion of current research, theory, and teaching practices, in a voice that engages classroom teachers. We welcome submissions from all educators and are looking for helpful, insightful, and inspiring ideas. Acceptance of your proposal is based on the originality, potential usefulness to educators, and compatibility with the direction and goals of Scholastic Professional Books.

Please allow us to give your proposal thorough consideration by responding in writing to the following questions. We will typically respond to your submission within eight  weeks.

1. What is the book about? Who is the intended audience? What grade range do you plan to cover?

2. What books have already been written on this subject? How will yours differ?

3. How will the book be organized? What is the estimated number of printed pages? Please attach a proposed table of contents with a brief description of each chapter and a sample chapter.

4. Please give a short biographical sketch of yourself/yourselves, including a description of the nature of your work with teachers.

5. When could we expect a first draft? How much of the manuscript have you already written?

6. Will the book include samples of student work? Classroom conversations? Photos? Do you have access to classrooms to get this material? These features often enhance our books making innovative teaching practices more comprehensible to teachers.

All submissions should be sent to:
Virginia Dooley
524 Broadway
New York, NY  10012-3999