Text Talk: Robust Vocabulary Instruction for grades K-3Text Talk®: Robust Vocabulary Instruction for grades K-3
Direct Instruction

 Direct Instruction

Each Text Talk lesson plan focuses on six specific vocabulary words (120 words per level) that stretch students' minds to build their overall facility with words. Text Talk instruction is direct, rich, and lively!

Each systematic lesson plan includes:

Child-Friendly Definitions
Developed by Dr. Beck and Dr. McKeown to ensure that meanings are both child-friendly and clear.

Direct Vocabulary Instruction
Combines word definitions with rich instruction that requires children to engage in active talk about meaning.

Repetition of Words
Deepens students’ knowledge so that each new word “sticks.”

Words in Varied Contexts
Ensure that children experience vocabulary words in the context of the story and beyond.
"Direct instruction was found to be highly effective for vocabulary learning." — National Reading Panel

What is robust vocabulary?

Walk through sessions 3 and 4 of a lesson.