Text Talk: Robust Vocabulary Instruction for grades K-3Text Talk®: Robust Vocabulary Instruction for grades K-3
Teacher Support

 Teacher Support

Program authors Dr. Beck and Dr. McKeown know that for building vocabulary and comprehension, teachers matter! That’s why Text Talk is built to provide both new and experienced teachers the opportunity and tools to improve and refine classroom practices. Text Talk builds professional development into:
Text Talk Notes
The point-of-use adhesive notes help instructors maximize instruction and engagement during read-aloud time.

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"…the preparation of teachers to better equip students to develop and apply reading comprehension strategies to enhance understanding is intimately linked to students’ achievement in this area." — National Reading Panel
Professional Guide
Lesson plans integrate “direct research quotes.” Explanations and research overviews from the authors help to build teachers’ professional knowledge.

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Implementation DVD
See expert teachers conduct a full Text Talk lesson plan in a real classroom (with real students!). The Implementation DVD includes videos, author introductions, and practical tips that ensure teachers effectively implement Text Talk in their classrooms.

Conducting a read-aloud
Direct vocabulary instruction techniques